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     The Tenth Street entrance opens into a lobby 19' by 68', affording access to the main stairs and electric elevator, which connect with all floors and mezzanine stories from the basement to the top balcony floor. From the lobby one may go direct to the large assembly or Scottish Rite room on the third floor, or down to the Banquet rooms in the basement, without entering the other portion of the building, thus making both rentable and accessible, and in no way conflicting with the general routine of Lodge work.
     Beyond the 10th St. lobby on the first floor is the Grand Lobby, 40' by 82', with a circulating corridor on all four sides, 13' wide, thus making the Grand Lobby, 69' by 112', to be used for social activities. Upon the left entering from the 10th St. lobby are the Library rooms, Secretary's Offices, vaults, Council of Administration rooms and toilet rooms; to the right the Parlor, Ladies' Waiting and Rest rooms, card rooms and lounging rooms. On the left from the Grand Lobby a spacious stairway leads down to the Banquet room in the basement. On the platform level of this same stairway, which is on a level with the Basement mezzanine story, is another large exit which opens into the alley. This exit is covered with an iron and glass marquise which permits loading automobiles under cover. A stairway from the card room leads up to small committee rooms in the mezzanine story. Another stairway on the East from the Grand Lobby leads up to the Scottish Rite Billiard Parlors located on this same mezzanine story. There is also another stairway adjacent to the Lounge and connected with the Grand Lobby which leads to all stories and mezzanines above.
     The entire south portion of the building in the first story is given over to the large Lodge Room, which is 50' by 75', with a seating capacity of 800 persons. This Lodge Room is fully equipped with stage, stage loft, gridirons, property rooms, organs, balconies, locker rooms, etc.
     The Banquet Room occupies almost the entire basement story with its seating capacity of 2500 persons, with provisions for shutting off portions for small banquets. The main kitchen is located across the extreme south end of the basement story, flanked by the dishwashing rooms, help rooms, boiler and coal rooms. Dumb waiters will be installed to serve the balcony. In the mezzanine story of the Banquet Room, arranged for dining tables or as an observation post for those who do not eat but come to listen to the speakers.  On the mezzanine floor will be located the General Recreation Rooms.